Smoke Detector Testers

Our range of smoke detector testers offer different features depending on your needs, all solutions are approved by detector manufacturers and are designed to enable compliant testing and support productivity.

For years, the test tool of choice has been the Solo smoke detector test aerosol, this solution has been widely adopted worldwide and is the core product within the Solo range. More recently, we have launched a new smoke detector tester with the Solo range, the Solo 365 – this moves away from a reliance on pressurised aerosols and instead delivers smoke via a smoke cartridge. Other features include a built-in LED light for testing in dark areas and the ability to test ASD systems with a specialist adaptor.

Other product with our range of smoke detector testers includes Scorpion, a permanently installed solution which is designed for testing smoke detectors in areas which are hard-to-access, and SmokeSabre – a simple hand-held smoke detector test aerosol which is perfect for occasional use.

Smoke Detector Testers FAQs

How Do Smoke Testers Work?

Smoke detector testers work by delivering a smoke stimulus into the detector chamber. This replicates the condition of a fire, confirming the detector’s ability to function in the event of a genuine fire and ensuring the fire system is compliant with standards and regulations.

How Often Should a Smoke Detector be Tested?

Smoke detectors should be tested regularly to ensure they are working as expected. Codes and standards typically require functional testing to take place every six months, but the frequency could be extended to a maximum of 12 months. Testing should be more frequently in environments which are dirty, dusty or corrosive.

What to Look for When Testing Fire Alarms?

When testing fire alarms according to British Standards, ensure alarm audibility, correct operation of all components, and appropriate response to simulated fire conditions. Check for adequate coverage, proper installation, and compliance with relevant regulations for optimal fire safety.

How Do I Test a Smoke Detector?

To test a smoke detector adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use specialist equipment that simulate smoke and activate the detector. Ensure solutions are approved by the detector manufacturer and comply with codes and standards.